Class OptionDecorator

  • public class OptionDecorator
    extends java.lang.Object

    Translates to wiki syntax from a OPTION element.

    Since this element outputs into the value of a parameter inside the FormSelect plugin, there shouldn't be a reason to extend this class when developing a new wiki syntax (although you may do if you want to).

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      void decorate​(org.jdom2.Element base, org.jdom2.Element e)
      Translates the given XHTML element into wiki markup.
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      • decorate

        public void decorate​(org.jdom2.Element base,
                             org.jdom2.Element e)
                      throws org.jdom2.JDOMException
        Translates the given XHTML element into wiki markup.
        base - the parent of the XHTML element being translated.
        e - XHTML element being translated.