Interface SearchManager

    • Method Detail

      • findPages

        default java.util.Collection<SearchResultfindPages​(java.lang.String query,
                                                             Context wikiContext)
                                                      throws ProviderException,
        Sends a search to the current search provider. The query is is whatever native format the query engine wants to use.
        query - The query. Null is safe, and is interpreted as an empty query.
        wikiContext - the context within which to run the search
        A collection of WikiPages that matched.
        ProviderException - If the provider fails and a search cannot be completed. - If something else goes wrong.
      • pageRemoved

        default void pageRemoved​(Page page)
        Removes the page from the search cache (if any).
        page - The page to remove
      • reindexPage

        default void reindexPage​(Page page)
        Forces the reindex of the given page.
        page - The page.