Interface SearchProvider

    • Method Detail

      • pageRemoved

        void pageRemoved​(Page page)
        Delete a page from the search index.
        page - Page to remove from search index.
      • reindexPage

        void reindexPage​(Page page)
        Adds a WikiPage for indexing queue. This is called a queue, since this method is expected to return pretty quickly, and indexing to be done in a separate thread.
        page - The WikiPage to be indexed.
      • findPages

        java.util.Collection<SearchResultfindPages​(java.lang.String query,
                                                     Context wikiContext)
                                              throws ProviderException,
        Search for pages matching a search query.
        query - query to search for
        wikiContext - the context within which to run the search
        collection of pages that match query
        ProviderException - if the search provider failed. - if for some reason the query could not be executed.