Class Task

All Implemented Interfaces:, Step
Direct Known Subclasses:
PreSaveWikiPageTask, SaveUserProfileTask, SaveWikiPageTask

public abstract class Task
extends AbstractStep
AbstractStep subclass that executes instructions, uninterrupted, and results in an Outcome. Concrete classes only need to implement Task#execute(). When the execution step completes, execute must return Outcome.STEP_COMPLETE, Outcome.STEP_CONTINUE or Outcome.STEP_ABORT. Subclasses can add any errors by calling the helper method AbstractStep.addError(String). The execute method should generally capture and add errors to the error list instead of throwing a WikiException.

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  • Constructor Details

    • Task

      public Task​(java.lang.String messageKey)
      Public constructor that creates a new Task with a specified message key. After construction, the protected method AbstractStep.setWorkflow(int, Map) should be called.
      messageKey - the Step's message key, such as decision.editPageApproval. By convention, the message prefix should be a lower-case version of the Step's type, plus a period (e.g., task. and decision.).
    • Task

      public Task​(int workflowId, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​> workflowContext, java.lang.String messageKey)
      Constructs a new instance of a Task, with an associated Workflow and message key.
      workflowId - the parent workflow id to set
      workflowContext - the parent workflow context to set
      messageKey - the i18n message key
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