Class SimpleNotification

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public final class SimpleNotification
extends Decision
Decision subclass used for notifications that includes only one available Outcome: Outcome.DECISION_ACKNOWLEDGE. The Decision is not reassignable, and the default Outcome is Outcome.DECISION_ACKNOWLEDGE.
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    • SimpleNotification

      public SimpleNotification​(int workflowId, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​> workflowContext, java.lang.String messageKey, actor)
      Constructs a new SimpleNotification object with a supplied message key, associated Workflow, and named actor who must acknowledge the message. The notification is placed in the Principal's list of queued Decisions. Because the only available Outcome is Outcome.DECISION_ACKNOWLEDGE, the actor can only acknowledge the message.
      workflowId - the parent workflow id to set
      workflowContext - the parent workflow context to set
      messageKey - the message key
      actor - the Principal who will acknowledge the message
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