Package Description
The chief package of JSPWiki.
AJAX support classes.
JSPWiki's API package.
JSPWiki's central API.
JSPWiki's Engine's component related classes.
JSPWiki's API exceptions package.
Filter's API package of JSPWiki.
Plugin's API package of JSPWiki.
Page Providers' API package of JSPWiki.
Search's API package of JSPWiki.
JSPWiki's SPI package.
Attachment management, uploading and downloading.
Authentication, Authorization and the third A thing.
Access Control List implementation.
Authorizer implementation.
Provides the different login modules that JSPWiki uses.
JSPWiki's Bootstrapping procedures package.
Provides a cache abstraction for JSPWiki.
Provides content management functionality for JSPWiki.
Provides page and content filtering functionality for JSPWiki.
Contains classes for doing form handling within JSPWiki.
HTML to wiki syntax translation related classes.
Package Specification
JSPWiki syntax decoration related classes.
Markdown syntax decoration related classes.
I18n related classes.
JSPWiki functional tests.
Tests' environment values that can be overwritten through System properties.
Entry point for JSPWiki Flexmark's custom extensions.
Wikilinks' attributes custom decoration.
Wikilinks' nodes custom post processing.
Custom Flexmark node's to handle special JSPWiki elements.
Entry point for JSPWiki's Page Objects.
JSPWiki Haddock's Page Objects.
Markdown parsing.
Provides plugins to the JSPWiki.
Preferences storage.
Provides storage for JSPWiki.
Provides the JSPWiki track of pages' references.
Provides the JSPWiki rendering functionality.
Markdown rendering.
Provides the JSPWiki ATOM API functionality.
Provides the JSPWiki RSS feeds functionality.
Provides the JSPWiki search functionality.
Provides standard JSP tags for JSPWiki.
Provides specific tasks for JSPWiki, meant to be executed by the workflow framework.
Provides auth-related Tasks, meant to be executed by the workflow framework.
Provides WikiPages' saving related Tasks, meant to be executed by the workflow framework.
Java classes for management of the JSP user interface.
Contains classes for the JSPWiki administrative interface.
Provides progress management routines.
Provides the URL generation routines.
Provides a number of utility libraries that are of general use.