Class CollatorComparator

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    public class CollatorComparator
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.util.Comparator<java.lang.String>
    A comparator that sorts Strings using a Collator. This class is needed because, even though Collator implements Comparator<Object> and the required compare(String, String) method, you can't safely cast Collator to Comparator<String>.
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Default constructor uses the current locale's collator.
      CollatorComparator​(java.text.Collator collator)
      Construct with a specific collator.
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      int compare​(java.lang.String str1, java.lang.String str2)  
      void setCollator​(java.text.Collator collator)
      Specify a new collator.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CollatorComparator

        public CollatorComparator()
        Default constructor uses the current locale's collator.
      • CollatorComparator

        public CollatorComparator​(java.text.Collator collator)
        Construct with a specific collator.
        collator - the collator to be used for comparisons
    • Method Detail

      • compare

        public int compare​(java.lang.String str1,
                           java.lang.String str2)
        Specified by:
        compare in interface java.util.Comparator<java.lang.String>
      • setCollator

        public void setCollator​(java.text.Collator collator)
        Specify a new collator.
        collator - the collator to be used from now on