Class JSPWikiSyntaxDecorator

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      • init

        public void init​( out,
                         java.util.Deque<java.lang.String> liStack,
                         java.util.Deque<java.lang.String> preStack,
                         WhitespaceTrimWriter outTrimmer,
                         XHtmlToWikiConfig config,
                         XHtmlElementToWikiTranslator chain)
        Prepares the syntax decorator.
        out - writer that will hold the resulting wiki markup.
        liStack - stack containing the amount of nested lis.
        preStack - stack containing the amount of nested pres.
        outTrimmer - writer capable of trimming whitespaces and of checking if it's currently writing a line start.
        config - xhtml to wiki configuration object.
        chain - chain (in the chain of responsibilities patterns) that is expected to be called by the different xhtml decorations.