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    public interface PageRenamer
    Provides page renaming functionality. Note that there used to be a similarly named class in 2.6, but due to unclear copyright, the class was completely rewritten from scratch for 2.8.
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      void firePageRenameEvent​(java.lang.String oldName, java.lang.String newName)
      Fires a WikiPageRenameEvent to all registered listeners.
      java.lang.String renamePage​(Context context, java.lang.String renameFrom, java.lang.String renameTo, boolean changeReferrers)
      Renames a page.
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      • renamePage

        java.lang.String renamePage​(Context context,
                                    java.lang.String renameFrom,
                                    java.lang.String renameTo,
                                    boolean changeReferrers)
                             throws WikiException
        Renames a page.
        context - The current context.
        renameFrom - The name from which to rename.
        renameTo - The new name.
        changeReferrers - If true, also changes all the referrers.
        The final new name (in case it had to be modified)
        WikiException - If the page cannot be renamed.
      • firePageRenameEvent

        void firePageRenameEvent​(java.lang.String oldName,
                                 java.lang.String newName)
        Fires a WikiPageRenameEvent to all registered listeners. Currently not used internally by JSPWiki itself, but you can use it for something else.
        oldName - the former page name
        newName - the new page name