Class UserDatabaseLoginModule

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public class UserDatabaseLoginModule
extends AbstractLoginModule

Logs in a user based on a username, password, and static password file location. This module must be used with a CallbackHandler (such as WikiCallbackHandler) that supports the following Callback types:

  1. NameCallback- supplies the username
  2. PasswordCallback- supplies the password
  3. UserDatabaseCallback- supplies the UserDatabase

After authentication, a Principals based on the login name will be created and associated with the Subject.

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    • login

      public boolean login() throws
      Description copied from class: AbstractLoginModule
      Logs in the user by calling back to the registered CallbackHandler with a series of callbacks. If the login succeeds, this method returns true
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      login in interface
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      login in class AbstractLoginModule
      true if the commit succeeded, or false if this LoginModule should be ignored.
      Throws: - if the authentication fails
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