Project News

  • 06-Apr-2016: new committer and PMC member - Dave Koelmeyer

  • 20-Feb-2016: Official Apache JSPWiki 2.10.2 release is out!

  • 23-Dec-2014: new committer and PMC member - David Vittor

  • 21-Aug-2014: new committer and PMC member - Siegfried Goeschl

  • 29-May-2014: Official Apache JSPWiki 2.10.1 release is out!

  • 01-Feb-2014: Official Apache JSPWiki 2.10.0 release is out!

  • 01-Jan-2014: New JSPWiki wiki available,

  • 17-July-2013: Apache JSPWiki has graduated from the Incubator! It's now a top-level Apache project.

  • 15-May-2013: Official Apache JSPWiki 2.9.1-incubating release is out!

  • 04-Jan-2013: new committer and PPMC member - Glen Mazza

  • 01-Dec-2012: Official Apache JSPWiki 2.9.0-incubating release is out!

  • 01-Nov-2012: New mentor - Siegfried Goeschl.

  • 01-May-2012: New, yet familiar, project website.

  • 23-Jan-2012: The previous attempt to graduate to an ASF top-level project did not succeed for various reasons. A new effort is started to graduate with a 2.9 codebase (based on 2.8), so no JCR backend and no Stripes, but the traditional JSPWiki, the progress can still be followed at our JIRA issue tracker.

  • 24-May-2009: We started an effort to graduate to an ASF top-level project, the progress can be followed at our JIRA issue tracker.

  • 24-Apr-2009: Well, it seems that it took a few more weeks to actually make the release - and we ain't there yet. But Harry Metske and Florian Holeczek joined the PPMC, which is of course good news.

  • 29-Jun-2008: JSPWiki trunk is now completely Apache-licensed, and we're looking to have an incubator release in a few weeks. Also, Harry Metske joins us as a committer.